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Bernard de Muraltsuggests principles of real life-style and proper human behaviour by developing awareness to requisites of modern society in order to know and respect its conventions. Knowing the habits and customs of other cultures by applying rules of courtesy and hospitality shows respect and consideration towards those encountered.

  • Proper Behaviour
  • Self Confidence and Attitude
  • Fitting Remarks
  • Table-Manners
  • Social Events

Seminars - Training courses - Advices

English - French - German

A contribution to corporate culture; precious advices for intercultural communication, management and professional training in all positions and leadership

Spirit - Objective
    • applying rules of courtesy and hospitality
    • mastering habits and customs of other cultures
    • acting with serenity, pleasure and in an appropriate way
    • showing respect and consideration towards those encountered


Bernard de Muralt, is Swiss and lives in Fribourg (Switzerland). His aristocratic lineage originally from Locarno-Muralto, dates from the 12th Century, and since 1555 also from Zurich and Berne. His ancestors became particularly famous in the Diplomatic Corps, Politics and Science, as well as serving as officers in the Swiss Military and other armies. Bernard de Muralt is himself an Artillery Officer.

After studying Languages and Law, he joined the Swiss Confederation. He successively served as a Deputy and then Head of the Military Protocol (1977 – 1987), Defence Attaché for the Diplomatic Corps (1987 – 1990), and then Head of Training and Support of the Swiss Defence Attachés abroad (1990 – 1999).

Throughout his varied career, his activities required the use of German, French, English, Italian and Spanish, the discovery of many cultures, and the development of his appreciation for diplomatic and institutional relations. He became involved in image promotion and knowledge of ceremony and protocol procedures. As an independent Consultant, he created his own company in 2000 “Life-Style and Global Behaviour”. His most fervent aim is to share his life experience. He is often seen and heard on television and radio.

Bernard de Muraltis married, father of four children. He is a former horse-man, an alpine skier and golfer. He spends his spare time developing himself to preserve and cultivate family traditions and social values in order to promote "Life-Style and Global Behaviour" in various circles.

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