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Cross Cultural Behaviour

Image and First Impression
Limits of Personal Liberty
Cross-Cultural Divide
Protocol / Courtesy / Etiquette / Good Manners

  • Greeting
    Greeting - saying good bye
      • Who greets whom, when how and why
      • Offering a handshake, shaking one’s hand, eye contact

  • Proper Address
    In private, social and business life
      • Who addresses whom, when and how
      • Names, titles and functions
      • Being on a first-name basis

  • Expected attitude
    Hierarchy and social status
      • Who rises to greet whom, where and why
      • Who offers a handshake to whom

  • Introduce someone
    Introduce someone to somebody and to introducing oneself
      • Greeting and introducing someone - how
        to proceed
      • How to get prepared to meet somebody
      • How to use visiting cards

  • To walk and accompany
    Persons deserving particular respect and their escort
      • Danger and guiding principles
      • In the street, in the staircase, in a car, in a restaurant
      • in a public place, in an formal context

  • Personal image
      • Smoking, coughing, yawning, blowing one's nose
      • Body care, offensive smells

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